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Monday, December 29, 2014
Sis. B--- Goes Home
Christmas was great! We ate at a couple member's homes and then we got to Skype home! It was great to see my family, and now it's back to missionary work!
Something crazy happened over the weekend! My companion Sister B--- is home! She wasn't supposed to leave until January 3rd, but our mission president could only meet with her on Sunday for her exit interview, so that's what they did and then she got on a plane and went home to Provo! It was crazy, and I feel like things are only just settling down. I still have Sister U--- as my companion, which is a major blessing! I love her so much, and I know that the rest of this transfer is going to be great! I love Sister B--- too, and I will be forever grateful for all that she taught me. We have a weird custom as missionaries where we call people our mom or dad if they trained us and when a missionary goes home they die.
So my mom is dead.
That sounds really weird, but I have to get used to this mission lingo! I'm also her only child, she didn't train anybody else, and if I become a Sister Training Leader I'll be her Only Begotten, I think. It's weird, but funny! I cried when she left, and I'll miss her a lot. But she'll have a great post-mission life!
Miracle! Last night we were driving home and we saw a car pull into the driveway of a less-active member's house that we had been trying to contact since I got here to Lewiston. So we pull over and jump out of the car and we're almost running to catch them before they go into the house. They were super nice and we set up a time to come and meet with them next week! It was so amazing!
I've realized that the Lord always provides. We had to drop an investigator this week because he wasn't progressing. He was reading the Book of Mormon and he really liked us coming over, but he had no desire to come to church or to really do anything that would change his life. I struggled with dropping him, because he was a solid, set lesson every week that we could always get a member to go to, but it had to be done. I've realized that sometimes we have to close a door, and really really hope that God will open up another one. But sometimes he opens up a window instead. It may be a small window that would be hard to get through, but he does give us something. I want to keep that in mind throughout my whole mission, because there will be harder things that I'll have to do, and it may seem like I'm closing a giant door. But then I just have to do it, and then look for the window.
And that's not just about me! It's true for everyone, you, you, and yes, you! God may want you to close a door that you really want to keep open, but if you trust him and follow him, then he'll provide another door or a window that will lead you to better things. It won't be easy. But he doesn't promise that it'll be easy. He promises it will be worth it.
Well, there's my sermon for the week, hope you enjoyed it, tune in next time!
Just joking, I want to know all about how your Christmas was and all that stuff, New Years, write me lots, I love reading it!
Sister Batchelor