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Monday, November 24, 2014
It's already thanksgiving, that is crazy! It makes me realize just how fast my mission is going to go by.
This week we had a lot of success! We had 4 new investigators! A couple of them we'll have to turn over to other missionaries because they don't live in our area, but it's so cool just meeting new people and seeing how the gospel can bless them.
One big miracle: When I first got here we street contacted a woman, and she was super nice and interested and gave us her address to come by. Well we tried to stop by multiple times, but no one ever answered the door. Then just on Saturday we were on our way to help put up Christmas lights for service (I know, it's not even thanksgiving and they're putting up Christmas stuff everywhere, sheesh!), and we saw that woman walking down the street. We pulled over and called to her, and she was again super nice and interested, and we walked with her to her house so we could see where she lived. The address was right, but she lived around the back in the basement, and we'd only ever gone to the front door before. Then we had a great lesson with her about prayer and invited her to church! So now we know where she lives, we have her phone number, she wants to come to church and meet with us, it's just awesome!!!!
On Sunday we had a musical fireside and it was great! Two less-actives from our ward came, and a ton of people the other missionaries are meeting with came too, it was awesome! (I keep saying awesome :/ but I like it :) The Spirit was so strong, and one of my favorite songs was sung, This Is The Christ.
A missionary will be coming home soon to our ward, and guess what, she served in Arizona! I think it was the Gilbert mission, but don't quote me on that. It will be neat to meet her!
Nothing much else going on here, just continuing with the work!
Sorry I haven't been emailing you all personally, but I do love reading your emails! They make me smile. :)
Love you all, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!
Sister Batchelor