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Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Sisters in Our District

This week was a little harder than some others, but I think we ended on a good note. 

We have a saying between us full-time missionaries and our Ward Mission Leader. "Either you eat the bear or the bear eats you." There's been a few days when we did great and we swallowed the bear in one bite. Other days he's chewed us up, spit us out, and gnawed on us for a while. And really it doesn't matter what happened the day before, it can go either way the next day. I've realized though that it is what you make of it. If you dwell on everything that went wrong that day, yeah, that can make you feel down. But if you focus on everything that went right that day you can just turn your perspective right around. It's all about how you look at it. Last week none of our investigators came to church, and we were sad about that, but two less-actives did. It's all about bringing people to Christ. Yes, we want those who haven't been baptized to come, but it's just as important to bring those who have fallen away from the path they once walked. 

Hymn # 117 is one of my favorites. 

"Come unto Jesus, ye heavy laden, careworn and fainting, by sin oppressed. He'll safely guide you unto that haven where all who trust him may rest. 

"Come unto Jesus; He'll ever heed you, though in the darkness you've gone astray. His love will find you and gently lead you from darkest night into day.

"Come unto Jesus; He'll surely hear you, if you in meekness plead for his love. Oh, know you not that angels are near you from brightest mansions above?

"Come unto Jesus from every nation, from every land and isle of the sea. Unto the high and lowly in station, ever He calls 'Come to me.'"

I love the last line, ever he calls, "Come to me". It doesn't matter how long someone has been away from the church. His arm is still stretched out to them, and it is my duty to help them grab on and stay there.

I've also realized how much I love music! I knew it before, but really it is one of the quickest ways to bring the Spirit. We're having a musical fireside next week and it will be awesome! 

I love being a missionary, and I love you all!

Sister Batchelor