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Monday, October 6, 2014
Provo Temple - MTC Picture
This week... Oh my goodness. I just looked at my planner and I can't believe all the stuff I've done! 

We helped Sister C--- clean her house, went on exchanges with Sister R--- and rode a bike all day, volunteered at a nursing home and helped all the cute old people paint, had Project Clean-up at a house that's being remodeled, tons of appointments, lessons, training, and of course General Conference! (You all better have watched it or I will get really upset!)

Pretty much every time we saw somebody we invited them to watch General Conference, and we had 5 of our investigators watch at least one session, either at a member's home or with us at the Stake Center! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! (Awesome seems to be my favorite word now, so sorry if I say it too much) We also had a lot of lessons on Family History and Genealogy. Sister B--- is brilliant, and has been using these pedigree sheets for door approaches, which have so far been really successful! 

The weather here has been up and down. A few days this week I had to break out the leggings! It was cold! But then today it's all sunny and beautiful. Lewiston is bipolar, I know that now. Everyone says the Lewiston is one of the warmest places in the mission, but with how cold it's already gotten and it's only October? I don't think so! 

Oh, and training! We had Zone training on Friday and it was amazing! I felt the spirit and wrote down so many things, it was just awesome! Then we had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader, and that was awesome too! Brother F--- is one of the most spiritual people I've ever met, yet he cracks jokes and all that too! He's awesome. At the end of the meeting he showed a Bible video by the Church about Jesus Christ coming to Paul while he was in prison, and it quoted Acts 23:11. Then Brother F--- put our names into the passage, and the name of the place we're serving. "And the night following the Lord stood by me, and said, Be of good cheer, Sister B---, Sister Batchelor, Brother F---: For as thou hast testified of me in other cities, so must thou bear witness also at Lewiston." I will never forget that. I will always say that to myself through out my mission. 

So many experiences, so little time... 

Oh! Next week we are planning on having a baptism! D--- is better now and we're all set to go! Please pray that it will go well and that he will be truly converted! 

I love you all! If there is anything specific you want to know about, just send me an email!

Sister Batchelor