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Monday, October 27, 2014
New Missionary Training
This week has been crazy! Not really, it just seems like we've been doing a lot. Which we have!

I love being a missionary!!!! It's so awesome and rewarding and hard and awesome!!!!!! We've been finding people, losing people, re-finding people, meeting with people we already meet with, every day is a roller coaster. 

I got my first care package!!! (I love you mom!) And it had everything I needed! 

We had New Missionary Training, in which I learned about a lot of things, things I should start doing, and things I am already doing well!

We've been challenging people to obey the Word of Wisdom! A lot of people smoke here in Lewiston... but it's okay! It just means we know for sure a commitment we can extend! I've realized that teaching is easy. But teaching and having that teaching make them want to change is hard. We talk about teaching to a commitment all the time, and I haven't quite gotten the hang of it. But I'm learning! 

Our members are AWESOME!!!!! So many are willing to help not only us but our investigators too! They just come out of nowhere and as if they can meet our new investigators, or show up with a whole kitchen set for someone in need! They're AMAZING!!! We also talk about utilizing our members, and I know that some time in the future I may have to initiate that. But I am grateful that for now they are so willing on their own.

One thing we've really been trying to do is get referrals. And it's so cool when we go up to someone random, talk to them a little about the gospel, then ask them if they know anyone who could benefit from this message. And they think of someone right off!

We had our primary program this Sunday, and it was so fun! Kids are the best missionaries! There were so many non-members there, and I hope they felt the Spirit as much as I did. 

A few miracles:

We had a nice dinner with a member, and she sent us off with the leftovers because she's awesome. As we were leaving we got a text from an investigator saying that she had no food for herself or her son. Sister B--- and I both thought of the leftovers, and we immediately went over and gave it to them. 

Then we've just been meeting nice people. Some are not interested, but they are still nice. I feel sad that they don't want to learn more, but I heard of something once. That it takes seven positive, random interactions with something about the Church for a person to finally look into it. We don't know if it is the first or the seventh, but whatever step they're on we can contribute to it. I heard a similar thing in training. That we need to give everyone every opportunity to say 'yes'. Even if it seems like all you're doing is giving them opportunity to say 'no' a lot of times, you never know if that next time they will say yes. I believe this.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Batchelor