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Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Sister Batchelor and Companion

So much has happened, it is unreal! We had a baptism on Saturday! D--- is in his 70s and has been smoking for most of his life, he quit just before I got here and was set to be baptized, but then he got super sick, I mean really sick. It is a miracle he got better so quickly, it's a miracle he got better at all! I know that the Lord was helping him, because if he had died without being baptized I'm sure it would have taken a really long time for his work to be done. I just hope that he stays here on earth and receives all the rest of his ordinances for himself! of course, the Lord's will be done.

We also committed one of our other investigators to baptism! We invited A--- to be baptized November 1st, so please keep her in your prayers! Speaking of prayers, I've never prayed so much in my life! Anyway, A--- is so golden it's not even funny. Going into that lesson we hadn't even thought about inviting her to be baptized. It just happened, and then we had to steal Bro. F---'s phone to find a date for her. Bro. F--- said he just about fell over backwards with how willing she was! I really really really hope she sticks to it.

We also had a really good lesson with N---. I had met him before, but at that lesson it didn't seem like they were understanding, and other people came in during the middle and had questions about the beginning and it was a mess, I thought. But this last time it was just him, and it was super spiritual and focused. We committed him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. I hope he does!

One thing that's hard is teaching members who have recently been baptized and are struggling or are less active and have been less active for years. Because you pretty much know that they believed it and had faith, they're just not doing those things that are right or that bring the Spirit. Sister B--- has taught me about Spiritual CPR, which is Church, Praying, and Reading the Book of Mormon. Really it's those simple things that are so essential to keeping your Spirit alive.

A cool thing that's been happening all week is when we just meet people, have a short Gospel Conversation, then leave them with a prayer. We have no idea if we will ever see them again, but maybe down the line they'll remember those weird girls who bumped into them and prayed right there on the spot. I love it!

A fun thing that happened was I went on exchanges with Sister S---, and this time we had a car! I was so happy about that. We did two different service projects, digging up grass and stuff for a garden, and staining a wooden gazebo(I have no idea if I spelled that right, haha!). Then we taught J--- and M---. They met J--- out on the street one day and just set up an appointment. M--- is his wife, and she goes to a Pentecostal church. That lesson was interesting. M--- committed to reading the Book of Mormon, but when Sister S--- asked if they could follow-up she said "No. No. No. No. Just no." Yeah... But it was learning experience for me. That day we also met E---, who is a less active. That was funny. He told us why he didn't go to church. Quote:" There are some people in the church that I would like to set on fire and roast Smores over. To put it lightly. So if I invite you over for Smores, don't come." LOL!!! People are funny. Oh, and Sister S--- basically used the pick up line "I lost my number, can I have yours' on a street contact! It wasn't exactly like that, she's new to the area s she doens't know the phone number, so she couldn't give it to anybody so she asks for their phone number instead. Just the way she said it sounded funny. :)

Sunday was awesome! D--- got confirmed, and I am so happy that I was able to experience a baptism and confirmation so early in my mission! Of course now I have a standard to uphold... Anyway, after church we saw the other D---, which was awesome because we didn't get to see him last week. He is totally a Dry Mormon! He expressed concerns about changes that would happen if he did join the Church, and we were thinking about why he would be wondering about that if he wasn't seriously considering joining the church!

More Fun Stuff: Missionary Lingo

Swept: An area has been swept when both missionaries are moved and two new missionaries come in. It is hard because the missionaries don't know the area or the people, they have to rely on the Area Book and members to help them get started.

When a missionary dies or is killed: When a missionary goes home they die, and the companion that was with them when they died killed them off. That was so confusing when I first got here, because I thought someone had actually died, and the other missionaries talked about dying so casually. LOL!!!!

I miss you all and want to hear from you too! Have a great week!

Sister Batchelor