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Monday, September 29, 2014
Washington Spokane Temple
Week 1 as a Missionary has been awesome! I've met so many people, members and non-members alike, who are all so interesting a fun and nice, I just love them all! 

I am in Lewiston, Idaho, and I already love it. It's strange, but so many things here remind me of Arizona and Missouri. The pine trees and mountains are like Flagstaff, but there is grass everywhere and hills too, like Missouri. It's like it's been blended together. Weird.

My companion and trainer is Sister B---, who is from Provo, Utah. She has been out for 14 or 15 months, I can't remember which, so I might just be her last companion! She is very straightforward, but loving and patient at the same time. She is a wonderful teacher, and had been helping me to learn so much.

We also live with three other sisters at the moment, who serve in the YSA branch here. Sister J--- will be leaving on Oct 2 for medical reasons though. She's fun, and loud, and fun. :) Sister B--- and Sister B--- will be left when she leaves. 


L--- and her daughter M--- are great! L--- believes what has been taught her, she just has a few problems with Word of Wisdom. M--- doesn't always sit in on the lessons we have with her mom, so she's not as progressed as L---. But, L--- did come to a baptism on Saturday (not for us, Elders in another ward), and I could tell that she loved it! She also watched part of the General Women's Broadcast, which was so awesome and spiritual!

D--- was all ready to be baptized on Saturday, he also had problems with Word of Wisdom but had quit smoking for the required amount of time, but then he got sick! He's older, in his seventies, so that was also understandable that he couldn't be baptized just yet. But, we are planning on it for Oct 11, and we're praying a lot so that he gets better. He's a sweet old man, and really appreciates it when we call him just to see how he's doing and to read some scriptures with him.

Another D--- has been taught only a few times. I was able to teach him the Plan of Salvation, and he had lots of question. He is a deep thinker, and I know that we could get into some really deep discussions with him if we allowed it. But we were told to teach simply, so we'll see where that goes.

E--- is an older woman, and she has a lot of questions and concerns, and is very needy as to temporal things. The two lessons that I've been there for were basically teaching her to pray to Heavenly Father for the things that she needs, but also to do all that she can to help herself. She came to church on Sunday, and I could tell that it gave her a lot to think about.

We have a few street contacts and followed up on some referrals, but we don't know how that's going to turn out either. A few seemed really interested, and we committed one to come to church and to be baptized when she knew it was true. That was an awesome lesson!

We've also met with some recent converts and less active members, and they were all really nice. I hope with all my heart that they stay with the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ, because I know that this is the true way to happiness.

The members here are awesome too! Our Ward Mission Leader is Brother F---, and he is the best! He comes with us to lessons, sets up our meals with members, and much more. I hope I get to stay in this ward for a while, because everyone is so friendly. I've only been here a week, so I have time to get to know everyone. 

Apparently everyone stays in areas for a long time in this mission. Sister B--- has been out for a while, but I think she's only been in three different areas. I would not mind that at all, because I hate traveling, and it would be really hard to start over in a new area every 6 weeks. But, whatever happens, happens, and I will not complain. 

Some funny things:

Here in Lewiston there is something called the Lewistank. There is a paper mill down in North East Lewiston on the river, and if you get close enough to it there is this weird smell. We don't go over there often, so that's good.

New Missionaries in Spokane
We had dinner with the F---'s, and apparently Sister F--- is related in some way to the Batchelor family. I have no idea how distantly, but it is interesting. 

OH, and the jokes about Batchelor! I know I mentioned about it in my talk, but sheesh! Well, most people think it's cool, and say it will be easy to remember. They are nice. :)

WE HAVE NO FOOD IN OUR FRIDGE!!!!!!!! Well, I haven't starved, but today I'm going to get some real groceries. I guess it was helpful that it was fast Sunday, because we didn't have to worry about finding something to eat. I never realized fasting could be so helpful. :P

Well, I look forward to everything my mission has to offer, and I hope that I can help others to find the gospel! I also look forward to reading your emails (hint hint)!

Sister Batchelor