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Monday, December 29, 2014
Sis. B--- Goes Home
Christmas was great! We ate at a couple member's homes and then we got to Skype home! It was great to see my family, and now it's back to missionary work!
Something crazy happened over the weekend! My companion Sister B--- is home! She wasn't supposed to leave until January 3rd, but our mission president could only meet with her on Sunday for her exit interview, so that's what they did and then she got on a plane and went home to Provo! It was crazy, and I feel like things are only just settling down. I still have Sister U--- as my companion, which is a major blessing! I love her so much, and I know that the rest of this transfer is going to be great! I love Sister B--- too, and I will be forever grateful for all that she taught me. We have a weird custom as missionaries where we call people our mom or dad if they trained us and when a missionary goes home they die.
So my mom is dead.
That sounds really weird, but I have to get used to this mission lingo! I'm also her only child, she didn't train anybody else, and if I become a Sister Training Leader I'll be her Only Begotten, I think. It's weird, but funny! I cried when she left, and I'll miss her a lot. But she'll have a great post-mission life!
Miracle! Last night we were driving home and we saw a car pull into the driveway of a less-active member's house that we had been trying to contact since I got here to Lewiston. So we pull over and jump out of the car and we're almost running to catch them before they go into the house. They were super nice and we set up a time to come and meet with them next week! It was so amazing!
I've realized that the Lord always provides. We had to drop an investigator this week because he wasn't progressing. He was reading the Book of Mormon and he really liked us coming over, but he had no desire to come to church or to really do anything that would change his life. I struggled with dropping him, because he was a solid, set lesson every week that we could always get a member to go to, but it had to be done. I've realized that sometimes we have to close a door, and really really hope that God will open up another one. But sometimes he opens up a window instead. It may be a small window that would be hard to get through, but he does give us something. I want to keep that in mind throughout my whole mission, because there will be harder things that I'll have to do, and it may seem like I'm closing a giant door. But then I just have to do it, and then look for the window.
And that's not just about me! It's true for everyone, you, you, and yes, you! God may want you to close a door that you really want to keep open, but if you trust him and follow him, then he'll provide another door or a window that will lead you to better things. It won't be easy. But he doesn't promise that it'll be easy. He promises it will be worth it.
Well, there's my sermon for the week, hope you enjoyed it, tune in next time!
Just joking, I want to know all about how your Christmas was and all that stuff, New Years, write me lots, I love reading it!
Sister Batchelor
Monday, December 15, 2014
We got transfer calls last night and I'll be staying here in Lewiston with Sister Brown! But she'll be going home in a few weeks, so we'll have a trio for a bit and then a normal companionship. My new companion is Sister Ungrich (don't know if I spelled that right) and she was one of the sisters that came out with me, so we'll both only be on our third transfer! It will be fun!

I was asked the other day if my mission was anything like I thought it would be, and I realized that I really had no idea beforehand what it would be like. I did not know that it would be so hard, fun, exhausting, invigorating, frustrating, or rewarding. And each of those things are true and eqauly present it seems. I guess the scripture is true that says there must be opposition in all things. If there weren't hard times I wouldn't know what the easy times would be like. If there wasn't dissapointment, I wouldn't know satisfaction. It's a roller-coaster that has many turns and twists and a few up-side-down parts. I guess you could say that's life, but I haven't really had a lot of those times in mine. And I am grateful that I have it now. I think this may be the hardest thing I've ever done, but I know that it's the best thing I could have done. And I still have a while to go! But it's already going by so fast. I love it though, and I know that what I'm learning now and what I have yet to learn on my mission will help me.

Well, that's enough about me, I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Batchelor
Monday, December 8, 2014
How's everyone doing? This week was jam-packed!

We had a couple Christmas parties, one for the ward, and one for the missionaries in Lewiston and Clarkston. Both were fun, we got to sing songs, eat food, it was great! Last night was the Christmas Devotional and I was sad because we didn't get to watch all of it because we had an appointment, but the lesson was awesome! It was with a less active member and he is doing so well! I get so happy when people keep meeting with us and understand what we teach them. There's nothing better!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week!

Sister Batchelor
Monday, December 1, 2014
It's December everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate tons of food! I know I did, we went to three member's houses and by the end of the day I was so stuffed! It was great, and one of our investigators, Sarah, came to dinner with us and they were so nice and welcoming, it was the best!

I am amazed at how willing the members are in this area. They are always asking about how the work is going and who we're meeting with, and they are willing to meet with us as well. We have this kind of program called the Member Missionary Focus Families, and we meet and have lessons with families to help them to do their missionary work.

We're preparing to have a Christmas party for next week, and it's going to be really fun! We're going to have a gift exchange and waffles and a tree and snowflakes! I'm really getting into the Christmas Spirit, and now that it's December I can do one of my favorite things! Sing Christmas songs!

I want you all to go to christmas.mormon.org and check out the new video they have on there! It's called 'He is the Gift'. If you got an ensign there should have been a packet all about it and some cards for you to pass out, so you can be like a real-life missionary!

And then you can all go on the regular mormon.org and look at that too! It's got these neat little 60 second videos on topics like Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon, and others. It's simple and straightforward, a great thing to share on your facebook! (hint hint)

I love being a missionary, and I love the challenges that it gives me to overcome. I love the people I serve around and those I get to teach and help on the pah o conversion.

I was a little sad this week because a couple people told us they didn't want to meet with us anymore. But I know hat I did my best to help them, and that at some point later on down the road they will have another chance to learn and to change.

But there are still people that want to meet with us and are taking those steps that will change their lives! One lady we teach is quitting smoking, another just came out and told us that she wants to live the Word of Wisdom, there are a lot of good people that we see every week and I love seeing them make those good choices.

It snowed in Lewiston! Just a little, and it wasn't cold enough for any of it to stick, but it was cool! To me it's not winter until it snows, so it is now officially winter!

I hope you have a great week and that you still have tons of leftovers from thanksgiving!

Sister Batchelor
Monday, November 24, 2014
It's already thanksgiving, that is crazy! It makes me realize just how fast my mission is going to go by.
This week we had a lot of success! We had 4 new investigators! A couple of them we'll have to turn over to other missionaries because they don't live in our area, but it's so cool just meeting new people and seeing how the gospel can bless them.
One big miracle: When I first got here we street contacted a woman, and she was super nice and interested and gave us her address to come by. Well we tried to stop by multiple times, but no one ever answered the door. Then just on Saturday we were on our way to help put up Christmas lights for service (I know, it's not even thanksgiving and they're putting up Christmas stuff everywhere, sheesh!), and we saw that woman walking down the street. We pulled over and called to her, and she was again super nice and interested, and we walked with her to her house so we could see where she lived. The address was right, but she lived around the back in the basement, and we'd only ever gone to the front door before. Then we had a great lesson with her about prayer and invited her to church! So now we know where she lives, we have her phone number, she wants to come to church and meet with us, it's just awesome!!!!
On Sunday we had a musical fireside and it was great! Two less-actives from our ward came, and a ton of people the other missionaries are meeting with came too, it was awesome! (I keep saying awesome :/ but I like it :) The Spirit was so strong, and one of my favorite songs was sung, This Is The Christ.
A missionary will be coming home soon to our ward, and guess what, she served in Arizona! I think it was the Gilbert mission, but don't quote me on that. It will be neat to meet her!
Nothing much else going on here, just continuing with the work!
Sorry I haven't been emailing you all personally, but I do love reading your emails! They make me smile. :)
Love you all, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!
Sister Batchelor
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Sisters in Our District

This week was a little harder than some others, but I think we ended on a good note. 

We have a saying between us full-time missionaries and our Ward Mission Leader. "Either you eat the bear or the bear eats you." There's been a few days when we did great and we swallowed the bear in one bite. Other days he's chewed us up, spit us out, and gnawed on us for a while. And really it doesn't matter what happened the day before, it can go either way the next day. I've realized though that it is what you make of it. If you dwell on everything that went wrong that day, yeah, that can make you feel down. But if you focus on everything that went right that day you can just turn your perspective right around. It's all about how you look at it. Last week none of our investigators came to church, and we were sad about that, but two less-actives did. It's all about bringing people to Christ. Yes, we want those who haven't been baptized to come, but it's just as important to bring those who have fallen away from the path they once walked. 

Hymn # 117 is one of my favorites. 

"Come unto Jesus, ye heavy laden, careworn and fainting, by sin oppressed. He'll safely guide you unto that haven where all who trust him may rest. 

"Come unto Jesus; He'll ever heed you, though in the darkness you've gone astray. His love will find you and gently lead you from darkest night into day.

"Come unto Jesus; He'll surely hear you, if you in meekness plead for his love. Oh, know you not that angels are near you from brightest mansions above?

"Come unto Jesus from every nation, from every land and isle of the sea. Unto the high and lowly in station, ever He calls 'Come to me.'"

I love the last line, ever he calls, "Come to me". It doesn't matter how long someone has been away from the church. His arm is still stretched out to them, and it is my duty to help them grab on and stay there.

I've also realized how much I love music! I knew it before, but really it is one of the quickest ways to bring the Spirit. We're having a musical fireside next week and it will be awesome! 

I love being a missionary, and I love you all!

Sister Batchelor
Monday, November 3, 2014
Hey everybody, sorry but I won't be able to send personal emails this week, but just know that I did read them and I loved them! KEEP WRITING ME!!!!!!!!

This week is Transfers! My companion and I are staying right here in Lewiston! I'm very glad that I am staying, but I would have accepted whatever happened. I am looking forward to continuing to get to know  everyone in our ward and all the investigators, old and new. 

Halloween was great! We got tons of candy! I'm going to get fat! (Seriously) We went to the stake Trunk or Treat and handed out candy to all the kids, and that was great. I saw tons of Captain Americas and Thors and millions of girls dressed up as Elsa! (Only slight exaggeration) It was fun.

A cool thing that's been happening this week: we've been bumping into people randomly that we know! It's crazy how  that happens sometimes, and it was just when we needed to see them. 

Some of the people we're meeting with are having a hard time, so please pray for them in their trials. That's one thing that I've learned too, prayers really work! and when you have a bunch of people praying for the same thing, that's when miracles happen. 

A funny thing: There is an Eye Doctor's office nearby that has a sign that they change every now and then. Recently it said "Trials are opportunities with thorns on them." You'd think that would be a sign for a church, right? I guess eye doctor's can be wise too. 

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Sister Batchelor
Monday, October 27, 2014
New Missionary Training
This week has been crazy! Not really, it just seems like we've been doing a lot. Which we have!

I love being a missionary!!!! It's so awesome and rewarding and hard and awesome!!!!!! We've been finding people, losing people, re-finding people, meeting with people we already meet with, every day is a roller coaster. 

I got my first care package!!! (I love you mom!) And it had everything I needed! 

We had New Missionary Training, in which I learned about a lot of things, things I should start doing, and things I am already doing well!

We've been challenging people to obey the Word of Wisdom! A lot of people smoke here in Lewiston... but it's okay! It just means we know for sure a commitment we can extend! I've realized that teaching is easy. But teaching and having that teaching make them want to change is hard. We talk about teaching to a commitment all the time, and I haven't quite gotten the hang of it. But I'm learning! 

Our members are AWESOME!!!!! So many are willing to help not only us but our investigators too! They just come out of nowhere and as if they can meet our new investigators, or show up with a whole kitchen set for someone in need! They're AMAZING!!! We also talk about utilizing our members, and I know that some time in the future I may have to initiate that. But I am grateful that for now they are so willing on their own.

One thing we've really been trying to do is get referrals. And it's so cool when we go up to someone random, talk to them a little about the gospel, then ask them if they know anyone who could benefit from this message. And they think of someone right off!

We had our primary program this Sunday, and it was so fun! Kids are the best missionaries! There were so many non-members there, and I hope they felt the Spirit as much as I did. 

A few miracles:

We had a nice dinner with a member, and she sent us off with the leftovers because she's awesome. As we were leaving we got a text from an investigator saying that she had no food for herself or her son. Sister B--- and I both thought of the leftovers, and we immediately went over and gave it to them. 

Then we've just been meeting nice people. Some are not interested, but they are still nice. I feel sad that they don't want to learn more, but I heard of something once. That it takes seven positive, random interactions with something about the Church for a person to finally look into it. We don't know if it is the first or the seventh, but whatever step they're on we can contribute to it. I heard a similar thing in training. That we need to give everyone every opportunity to say 'yes'. Even if it seems like all you're doing is giving them opportunity to say 'no' a lot of times, you never know if that next time they will say yes. I believe this.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Batchelor
Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Sister Batchelor and Companion

So much has happened, it is unreal! We had a baptism on Saturday! D--- is in his 70s and has been smoking for most of his life, he quit just before I got here and was set to be baptized, but then he got super sick, I mean really sick. It is a miracle he got better so quickly, it's a miracle he got better at all! I know that the Lord was helping him, because if he had died without being baptized I'm sure it would have taken a really long time for his work to be done. I just hope that he stays here on earth and receives all the rest of his ordinances for himself! of course, the Lord's will be done.

We also committed one of our other investigators to baptism! We invited A--- to be baptized November 1st, so please keep her in your prayers! Speaking of prayers, I've never prayed so much in my life! Anyway, A--- is so golden it's not even funny. Going into that lesson we hadn't even thought about inviting her to be baptized. It just happened, and then we had to steal Bro. F---'s phone to find a date for her. Bro. F--- said he just about fell over backwards with how willing she was! I really really really hope she sticks to it.

We also had a really good lesson with N---. I had met him before, but at that lesson it didn't seem like they were understanding, and other people came in during the middle and had questions about the beginning and it was a mess, I thought. But this last time it was just him, and it was super spiritual and focused. We committed him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. I hope he does!

One thing that's hard is teaching members who have recently been baptized and are struggling or are less active and have been less active for years. Because you pretty much know that they believed it and had faith, they're just not doing those things that are right or that bring the Spirit. Sister B--- has taught me about Spiritual CPR, which is Church, Praying, and Reading the Book of Mormon. Really it's those simple things that are so essential to keeping your Spirit alive.

A cool thing that's been happening all week is when we just meet people, have a short Gospel Conversation, then leave them with a prayer. We have no idea if we will ever see them again, but maybe down the line they'll remember those weird girls who bumped into them and prayed right there on the spot. I love it!

A fun thing that happened was I went on exchanges with Sister S---, and this time we had a car! I was so happy about that. We did two different service projects, digging up grass and stuff for a garden, and staining a wooden gazebo(I have no idea if I spelled that right, haha!). Then we taught J--- and M---. They met J--- out on the street one day and just set up an appointment. M--- is his wife, and she goes to a Pentecostal church. That lesson was interesting. M--- committed to reading the Book of Mormon, but when Sister S--- asked if they could follow-up she said "No. No. No. No. Just no." Yeah... But it was learning experience for me. That day we also met E---, who is a less active. That was funny. He told us why he didn't go to church. Quote:" There are some people in the church that I would like to set on fire and roast Smores over. To put it lightly. So if I invite you over for Smores, don't come." LOL!!! People are funny. Oh, and Sister S--- basically used the pick up line "I lost my number, can I have yours' on a street contact! It wasn't exactly like that, she's new to the area s she doens't know the phone number, so she couldn't give it to anybody so she asks for their phone number instead. Just the way she said it sounded funny. :)

Sunday was awesome! D--- got confirmed, and I am so happy that I was able to experience a baptism and confirmation so early in my mission! Of course now I have a standard to uphold... Anyway, after church we saw the other D---, which was awesome because we didn't get to see him last week. He is totally a Dry Mormon! He expressed concerns about changes that would happen if he did join the Church, and we were thinking about why he would be wondering about that if he wasn't seriously considering joining the church!

More Fun Stuff: Missionary Lingo

Swept: An area has been swept when both missionaries are moved and two new missionaries come in. It is hard because the missionaries don't know the area or the people, they have to rely on the Area Book and members to help them get started.

When a missionary dies or is killed: When a missionary goes home they die, and the companion that was with them when they died killed them off. That was so confusing when I first got here, because I thought someone had actually died, and the other missionaries talked about dying so casually. LOL!!!!

I miss you all and want to hear from you too! Have a great week!

Sister Batchelor
Monday, October 6, 2014
Provo Temple - MTC Picture
This week... Oh my goodness. I just looked at my planner and I can't believe all the stuff I've done! 

We helped Sister C--- clean her house, went on exchanges with Sister R--- and rode a bike all day, volunteered at a nursing home and helped all the cute old people paint, had Project Clean-up at a house that's being remodeled, tons of appointments, lessons, training, and of course General Conference! (You all better have watched it or I will get really upset!)

Pretty much every time we saw somebody we invited them to watch General Conference, and we had 5 of our investigators watch at least one session, either at a member's home or with us at the Stake Center! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! (Awesome seems to be my favorite word now, so sorry if I say it too much) We also had a lot of lessons on Family History and Genealogy. Sister B--- is brilliant, and has been using these pedigree sheets for door approaches, which have so far been really successful! 

The weather here has been up and down. A few days this week I had to break out the leggings! It was cold! But then today it's all sunny and beautiful. Lewiston is bipolar, I know that now. Everyone says the Lewiston is one of the warmest places in the mission, but with how cold it's already gotten and it's only October? I don't think so! 

Oh, and training! We had Zone training on Friday and it was amazing! I felt the spirit and wrote down so many things, it was just awesome! Then we had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader, and that was awesome too! Brother F--- is one of the most spiritual people I've ever met, yet he cracks jokes and all that too! He's awesome. At the end of the meeting he showed a Bible video by the Church about Jesus Christ coming to Paul while he was in prison, and it quoted Acts 23:11. Then Brother F--- put our names into the passage, and the name of the place we're serving. "And the night following the Lord stood by me, and said, Be of good cheer, Sister B---, Sister Batchelor, Brother F---: For as thou hast testified of me in other cities, so must thou bear witness also at Lewiston." I will never forget that. I will always say that to myself through out my mission. 

So many experiences, so little time... 

Oh! Next week we are planning on having a baptism! D--- is better now and we're all set to go! Please pray that it will go well and that he will be truly converted! 

I love you all! If there is anything specific you want to know about, just send me an email!

Sister Batchelor 

Monday, September 29, 2014
Washington Spokane Temple
Week 1 as a Missionary has been awesome! I've met so many people, members and non-members alike, who are all so interesting a fun and nice, I just love them all! 

I am in Lewiston, Idaho, and I already love it. It's strange, but so many things here remind me of Arizona and Missouri. The pine trees and mountains are like Flagstaff, but there is grass everywhere and hills too, like Missouri. It's like it's been blended together. Weird.

My companion and trainer is Sister B---, who is from Provo, Utah. She has been out for 14 or 15 months, I can't remember which, so I might just be her last companion! She is very straightforward, but loving and patient at the same time. She is a wonderful teacher, and had been helping me to learn so much.

We also live with three other sisters at the moment, who serve in the YSA branch here. Sister J--- will be leaving on Oct 2 for medical reasons though. She's fun, and loud, and fun. :) Sister B--- and Sister B--- will be left when she leaves. 


L--- and her daughter M--- are great! L--- believes what has been taught her, she just has a few problems with Word of Wisdom. M--- doesn't always sit in on the lessons we have with her mom, so she's not as progressed as L---. But, L--- did come to a baptism on Saturday (not for us, Elders in another ward), and I could tell that she loved it! She also watched part of the General Women's Broadcast, which was so awesome and spiritual!

D--- was all ready to be baptized on Saturday, he also had problems with Word of Wisdom but had quit smoking for the required amount of time, but then he got sick! He's older, in his seventies, so that was also understandable that he couldn't be baptized just yet. But, we are planning on it for Oct 11, and we're praying a lot so that he gets better. He's a sweet old man, and really appreciates it when we call him just to see how he's doing and to read some scriptures with him.

Another D--- has been taught only a few times. I was able to teach him the Plan of Salvation, and he had lots of question. He is a deep thinker, and I know that we could get into some really deep discussions with him if we allowed it. But we were told to teach simply, so we'll see where that goes.

E--- is an older woman, and she has a lot of questions and concerns, and is very needy as to temporal things. The two lessons that I've been there for were basically teaching her to pray to Heavenly Father for the things that she needs, but also to do all that she can to help herself. She came to church on Sunday, and I could tell that it gave her a lot to think about.

We have a few street contacts and followed up on some referrals, but we don't know how that's going to turn out either. A few seemed really interested, and we committed one to come to church and to be baptized when she knew it was true. That was an awesome lesson!

We've also met with some recent converts and less active members, and they were all really nice. I hope with all my heart that they stay with the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ, because I know that this is the true way to happiness.

The members here are awesome too! Our Ward Mission Leader is Brother F---, and he is the best! He comes with us to lessons, sets up our meals with members, and much more. I hope I get to stay in this ward for a while, because everyone is so friendly. I've only been here a week, so I have time to get to know everyone. 

Apparently everyone stays in areas for a long time in this mission. Sister B--- has been out for a while, but I think she's only been in three different areas. I would not mind that at all, because I hate traveling, and it would be really hard to start over in a new area every 6 weeks. But, whatever happens, happens, and I will not complain. 

Some funny things:

Here in Lewiston there is something called the Lewistank. There is a paper mill down in North East Lewiston on the river, and if you get close enough to it there is this weird smell. We don't go over there often, so that's good.

New Missionaries in Spokane
We had dinner with the F---'s, and apparently Sister F--- is related in some way to the Batchelor family. I have no idea how distantly, but it is interesting. 

OH, and the jokes about Batchelor! I know I mentioned about it in my talk, but sheesh! Well, most people think it's cool, and say it will be easy to remember. They are nice. :)

WE HAVE NO FOOD IN OUR FRIDGE!!!!!!!! Well, I haven't starved, but today I'm going to get some real groceries. I guess it was helpful that it was fast Sunday, because we didn't have to worry about finding something to eat. I never realized fasting could be so helpful. :P

Well, I look forward to everything my mission has to offer, and I hope that I can help others to find the gospel! I also look forward to reading your emails (hint hint)!

Sister Batchelor